Give Your New Year's Party Some Style With Disco Balls

They are round, shiny, and fun no matter what their size or color- they are disco balls. Any party becomes more fun when these are displayed. New Year's is the time for celebration, so consider adding these to the party decoration list. Whether they are stationary or rotating, the light bouncing off them adds pizzazz to the celebration.

New Year's parties are always better when they have a theme, so consider a disco-era theme and have everyone dress in period attire. Party goers will be decked out in their bell-bottoms, stacked heels, psychedelic shirts, and some very interesting hairstyles. Why waste money on a rental when you can spend the same amount, or less, to purchase a brand new ball.

A silver mirrored ball is the traditional style and sizes range from four to 16 inches. Add a few of these to the dance floor and get a turning motor so the ball will continuously spin. There is nothing cooler than a rotating disco ball paired with different color spot lights shining on the dance floor while everyone gets a groove on to the disco tunes.

For a twist on the original style, try a rainbow ball that features multiple bright colors and comes in sizes from two and twelve inches. Pair this or the silver color with mini balls that can be strung around the room on garland or even a disco tree. Partyers can even be given their own 1 1/8-inch mini ball to wear throughout the evening.

Disco balls add some style to your New Year's party, whether or not you choose a theme. Everyone will have fun disco dancing underneath the glittering ball, feeling like superstars. Before long, someone is bound to break out a limbo stick or start a line dance, so get your best moves ready because it will soon be your turn!

The classic disco balls have made a resurgence and no party should be without one. If you are a club owner or getting ready to have a party, be sure to add disco balls to the room and when it gets turned on, watch the crowd go wild!

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