Last Funk

Bevin Fagan was most well known as the lead singer and producer of one of the UK's biggest reggae acts, Matumbi. Yet in his time he was involved with and influenced by all sorts of music that was going on in South London during the seventies and early eighties, even being part of a prog rock band named 'Stonehenge' even at one point in his youth.

Guardian Angel was a roots reggae project with his wife (or maybe sister) Sylvia Fagan on vocals. They put out a few lovers rock type singles, but if you flip the accompanying album over, the B side is mostly (and oddly) unique sounding funk and disco tracks, of which 'Last Funk' is the most left of center and hard hitting of all.

Through some miracle over the years I have managed to come across two copies of this LP from British reggae collectors who don't rate it as Fagan's best work and are turned off by the funk on the flip. One man's trash as they say. If you want my double hit me up.

Guardian Angel - Last Funk

Disco Fever Dance Party

Do you have Disco Dance Fever? If so, you need to celebrate! A Disco theme party can be a great way to celebrate a birthday of any age, honor a retiree or just plain have fun. Costumes and decorations will make this party even more fun and realistic.

Pick a theme for your dance party, whether it be disco, break dancing, rap or country and find coordinating decorations. A party supply store will have every theme for dancing the night away and all the trimmings to make your party a smashing success.

If Disco is your chosen theme, buy, rent or make a disco ball to hang in your party room. Whether it functions or not doesn't really matter, it adds to the ambience of the set. Find old posters of bands and singers from the disco era and hang around the house or room.

do you feel like a party

Lee Moore was a disco producer who unfortunately only released a few tunes during his short career. His first and most common track came out on Source Records in 1979. It appears that after his brief relationship with a large label he took matters into his own hands and cut a track on his own LM imprint. This track has a raw feel that is apparent when the guitar comes in too early after a few bars of the loose drum and bass groove. The white noise synth sound used to accent the snare also gives the beat a lot of character.

Disco Birthday Party Ideas

When you are looking for ideas to plan the next birthday party for your favorite child make sure to investigate the many wonderful ideas available by making it a disco party. Children love these energetic events as the dance music makes an invigorating atmosphere and allows them to burn off excess energy in a positive manner.

Adding karaoke to your disco birthday party will enliven it even more. Every child wants to be a star. With the ease at which karaoke helps them get the words to their favorite song right, there is seldom any embarrassing moments to ruin the fun. It allows every participant to get the feel of being a real music pop star and helps reinforce positive social skills.

If you want to set up a specific theme idea for the disco birthday party, costumes can add to the fun. You can pick a specific retro decade for your theme and it shouldn't be too hard to find outfits to fit the mood. Adding karaoke to the mix will involve only a bit of work to find just the right songs to fit the event.

will you be the one

Here is a later era downtempo lazer soul track released by the short lived New York Music Company in 1985. Vocalist Bernice Frazier delivers an outstanding performance here with her first recording. This tune was produced by Mitch Ervin AKA Mitch Race who also had tracks on the legendary 25 West Records. I love the minimal production with 808 drums, Juno 106 bass, and DX-7. Mitch discusses the details of his productions on his youtube page, check it out and drop him a comment if you appreciate his work.

Jump Up With Beats At Your Disco Party

When was the last time you attended a Disco Party. If you want to jump up with the beat, call out for a Disco Party of your own. It can be a very interesting event that you can provide for your family and friends. It would require you to think on different things that you can offer to make this party a huge success. A lot of people make a mistake of not doing their homework well and not looking at the different options that could have been much better than others, so from this we can learn that just believe in your ingenuity.

Disco party invitations decorated with bell bottom pants and musical notes convey the dance theme of the 70's era. Your guests will come dressed and ready to disco dance the night away. As a general consensus, you must always call the people who you know and do not call the people who you don't. This is being said because the guests at the Disco Party are going to get drunk and the situation at times just seem to get out of control with the ones who you don't know.

Blast From the Past Disco Party

A disco party is a totally awesome way to get down and get funky. Put on your threads; your disco dresses, platform shoes, and leisure suits. Decorate with bean bags and lava lamps. Hang beaded curtains and psychedelic disco posters. Light the incense and candles. Have a disco dance video playing on your television, and add a glittery disco ball for added sparkle disco party style!

Once you have decided how many chicks and dudes you want to invite to your disco party, create your own disco mirrored ball invitations on the computer using your color printer. Include pictures of the disco clothing styles' people wore in the 70's; for those that never wore them, and to remind those that did. Award prizes for the best dressed authentic totally radical outfit.

Your guests will love to boogie down under a disco ball to 70's artists like; Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine Band, Kool and the Gang, and the Police, so, crank up the jams and get down. Show a video of several disco dances like the YMCA, the Disco Train and the Bump. Have a disco dance contest for the best performance of the Hustle.