So yeah this italo track from 1984 is probably one of the most lyrically confusing songs of all time. The vocalist implores you to "get down" all while scorning the concept of cheating and engaging in threesomes. Seems to be a bit counter intuitive to the whole 80's disco vibe in general, but that aside Get Down is a hot track.

Mirage - Get Down


Just as Patrick Adams late 70's disco sound became defined by his Arp 2600 noodlings, pretty much every funk track Leroy Burgess cut in the boogie era had a Prophet 5 solo on it. Sequential Circuits factory patch # 32 to be exact for all you synth nerds out there. And if he really wanted to switch it up maybe he would go for patch # 17 instead. So in effect thanks to Leroy and company the Prophet 5 became the quintessential funk synth machine of the early 80's.

This is the Fantastic Aleems high water mark and it most certainly delivers. I must say I was a little bit surprised when I realized today that after nearly 5 years of doing Beat Electric none of us had ever posted this track until now. Either we have failed you all or it's a sign that we are far from done mining this territory.

Breakin' In Space

Could Radar Records do no wrong? Key-Matic's Breakin' In Space was by far the labels biggest 'hit', and the record holds a place in the pantheon of early electro master pieces. It has all the right ingredients, tastefully done vocoder (I'm by no means a vocoder collector/fan/nerd), non lame old school raps about space, dubbed out synths and cosmic overtones.

There are even a few young, future celebrities on this cut. The saxophone was done by Najee, who went on to rival Kenny G for a while as smooth jazz radio sax top dog, and we also have some scratches from Wizard K-Jee, a.k.a Keith Shocklee, future Bomb Squad member and the discoverer of Chuck D.

Here are all the cuts from the record.

Key-Matic – Breakin' In Space (Vocal)

Key-Matic – Breakin' In Space (Instrumental)
Key-Matic – Breakin' In Space (Lunar Beats i)
Key-Matic – Breakin' In Space (Lunar Beats ii)

Rysque' Records

Like many record collectors it has always been a dream of mine to press something on wax. I have always wanted to contribute to the world of the black crack by putting something in print for anyone to enjoy rather than just repping older hard to find records.
A couple years ago I became good friends with a local collector Tim who during an extended car ride to a record lead told me about his activity playing in several bands growing up in Oakland in the 1980s. After some pestering on my part Tim reluctantly dug up boxes of cassette recordings from this era. I think he was content leaving them as skeletons in the closet but I managed to convince him people still enjoy drum machine soul. Tim got on craigslist and tracked down the same model Tascam Porta-one four track machine we needed to play back the tapes.

Tim played regularly with a band known as Davinity during this time and recorded hours of material from bedroom demos to proper studio tracks. Recording quality is dodgy at times but fortunately they insisted on using only hi bias tapes and generally hit them with a good level. After sharing some of our finds with Sean from Sweater Funk and Andrew at PPU we decided to take the plunge and let some of this see the light of day 20+ years after it was recorded.

So far we have two 45s available featuring our favorite tracks from the Davinity cassette archives. A huge thank you goes to Andrew from PPU who was the inspiration for this project and provided a great deal of help in the process. Peoples Potential is also distributing the records worldwide.

We are very excited to start releasing music for y'all, look for more in the future including a debut from Beat Electric Records in 2012.

download lo-rez samples here
RYSQUE 001 Pierre - Cherri Snow b/w Veronica - So In Love
RYSQUE 003 Tim Tucker - C'Kret b/w Davinity - Fishnets

records available for purchase from EARCAVE (Washington DC), Rush Hour (Europe), and many other fine vendors. or you can email me directly at rysquerecs AT gmail.

Hypnotize with the Dance

We haven't put up any straight up hardcore disco in a long time so here you go. It is impossible to put these joints on and not want to invite all the foos in the neighborhood over for a dance party; unless you live where I live, then again, OK it's a bad idea altogether. Just convince BT to throw a matinee party at his house in LA and go hang out in his heated pool.

This Mandrill Jam reminds me or a mix between Tempest Trio's Do You Like The Way That It Feels and a song by Imagination. Sorry for the parts where it is clipping near the end, I am trying to dial in my new rig.

This early Tee Scott remix shows his knack for turning a straight forward disco hit into a dance floor classic with long drawn-out breaks with empty quiet backgrounds contrasting the disco anthem choruses.

Mandrill - Dance Of Love
First Choice - Love Thang (Tee Scott Remix)


Beatelectic is starting to look a little dated, we gave it a revamp a couple of years back, but the fact is it's a blogspot page, and in this day and age thats the equivalent of having your website up on geocities, with animated gifs of grim reaper skulls puking fire and popup ad's for cheap hotel rooms. All the new blogs I go to with the decent new electronic music on look like they were made by a team of trendy engineers with degrees in graphic design, then I come back to beatelectric and we look like shit. In reality I suppose to have had a blog this long hosted by google with direct mp3 links to unlicensed music is somewhat of a miracle, most got taken down due to copyright infringement complaints long ago, but I think its really a testament to the unpopularity of the under the radar dusty commercial failures that we post. And with that in mind, I'm about to post some private press Hi Nrg...

My apartment is on the corner of Castro and Market St in San Francisco, which has been the heart of the gay community here for decades, and as such when I go digging around my local thrift stores and yard sales I come up with endless San Francisco scene high energy and uptempo, euro disco. Not my genres of choice or expertise, but each to their own. A block either side of where I live were the homes of Megatone records, Moby Dick records, Hot Tracks records, some other labels and plenty of record stores specializing in dance music popular in the gay clubs at the time. Now and again, when searching around the 'hood something locally made that's a little outside of the norm shows up.

Sonny Padilla Jr.'s self released 1985 single is marked as coming out on Uno Records, the address of which is a few doors down the street from me, an old apartment complex, and probably the address of Sonny's living room office. It turns out that this record is actually well known and quite sort after on the digging circuit, fetching a couple of hundred bucks in mint condition, due to it's heavy utilization of the vocoder on the A side's It's Your Body, and as a rarity it makes it on to a lot of vocoder nerd's wants list. I actually prefer the instrumental of the B side, 'Talk To Me!', which doesn't appear to be on the internet anywhere.

In the sleeve notes Sonny states that the record was made at The Automatt, a well known studio which is now a parking lot on Fulsom St, the photo in this post was taken from the main room's mixing console. Sonny lived in San Francisco and worked in the music industry throughout his life before passing away in 2007, an obituary to him can be found here:


Sonny Padilla Jr. - It's Your Body!
Sonny Padilla Jr. - It's Your Body! (Instrumental)
Sonny Padilla Jr. - Talk To Me!
Sonny Padilla Jr. - Talk To Me! (Instrumental)

Adult R&B

Here are some slow jamz to cure your case of the mondays. This is the type of serious adults only R&B I like to vibe out to. "So Nice" is an album cut from Leroy Hutson's 1979 Unforgettable, unfortunately the rest of the record doesn't live up to the title. Don Blackman's "Heart's Desire" is a rare groove classic and needs no introduction. Bay Area funk artist Marvin Holmes shows us how it is done with a scorching late-period track from 1986. Don't be afraid of the lost years ('86-'89).


I've been neglecting my duties for some time now and for that I am remorseful. Fortunately, Joel Brüt has picked up the slack sharing his deep Kenny G cuts with the boogie world. But please don't blame him for posting those questionable white guy jazz noodlings, it's simply not his fault. He is a wine maker in Napa Valley, and that's how they roll up there in wine country.

This Sypher track has some 80's saxophone as well but it doesn't blow me out too hard. The lead synth hook is so fucking legit that this could be a Vertical Horizon track and it would still work for me. Fonda Rae's commanding lead vocals don't hurt either.

Sypher - It's Got To Be Right
Sypher - It's Got To Be Right (Dub Version)

Love Fever

I have never heard of a female audiophile. I have never met a girl that lusted after shiny knobs and had to have that preamp with a flowchart emblazoned onto the front to it. Knobs, switches, VU meters, equalizers, quadraphonic, and reverse stereo. I often wonder what a stereo would look that was designed by women. Probably much like my current stereo sadly, I am whipped!

Here is a slammin track that was released on Prelude records in 1981.

Gayle Adams - Love Fever (Instrumental)

Disco Halloween Costumes

Whether you lived through the groovy 70s or simply want a fun costume, there's something for you this Halloween. If you'd rather go back to the 50s or the start of the flower power movement, we've still got you covered. You'll definitely have a night to remember!

There are plenty of women's go go girl costumes. The Go Go Girl Adult Costume comes with a short sleeveless dress. The print: dozens of multicolored flowers. It includes a white hat and matching boot covers. Add peace sign earring for the finishing touch. A completely different Go Go Girl Adult Costume comes with a black and white dress, with a matching hat and belt. It is still on the short side, but a little bit looser. It looks great with the Mod Black and White Hoop Earrings and the Gogo Adult Boots. For something really different try the Twister Sexy Deluxe Adult Costume.

If you'd rather cover your legs and wear bellbottoms, we've got great options for you. The skin-tight Funky Dancin' Fox Adult costume comes with a purple, blue and gold metallic jumpsuit. It looks great with Gold Glitter Earrings and the Discorama Mama Blonde Wig Adult. The Flower Power Adult Hippie Costume is equally cute, but a bit less revealing. This pink costume comes with bellbottoms and a baby-doll shirt. It's sure to look great on anyone. The Feelin' Groovy Female Accessory Pack is a great add-on too. It comes with shades, pink peace sign earrings and a matching necklace.

Disco Costumes - Funky Fresh Man!

Disco costumes are a fun way to bring in Halloween. They are totally funky fresh and will liven up any party. Some of the disco styles are still being incorporated into our fashion today. Bell bottoms have made their way back into our everyday fashion and plaid pants are slowly easing their way in. Disco costumes replicate some of the same stunning ensembles in the unforgettable movie Saturday Night Fever. These costumes can add totally narly flair to the dullest parties and places. Disco costumes are favored and adored by everyone of all ages.

70's costumes for women are totally tubular. Choose from bold, colorful print mod dresses to one piece jumpsuits with wide bell bottoms. Mod dresses are flirtatious and sexy with wild retro prints, drawing all the necessary attention in your direction. Have fun on the dance floor and shake your groove thing baby! Turn up the fun with some Marci and Carol Brady costumes. Once you go disco you there is no going back.

Alright men, bring out the strobe lights and dance the night away under the disco ball. With a mens disco costume, you're bound to be the eye candy. Put on a pair of bell bottoms and a shimmering shirt that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Strut your stuff and show off your good looks in a leisure suit. Leisure suits are bright and colorful accented by retro print shirts. Leisure suits were very popular in the disco days. Mens 70's costumes are fun and entertaining for everyone. They bring smiles, joy, and laughter to all those near.

Organising A Disco Party - Tips And Tricks

Nineteen-seventy disco decorations are becoming well-known again. Disco decorations are a great way to liven up and nightclub or party scene. For those who lived in the nineteen-seventies, disco decorations are a wonderful way to get a nostalgic sense to any social gathering. Disco adornments will have a lot of vivid lights and fast music to go with them. A nightclub might make an amazing night from a disco celebration. Naturally, the nightclub may need a disco ball and other variety of disco items to put people into the mood. There are quite a few locations to buy or lease disco stuff and there is a broad variety of decorations to choose from.

A nightclub is the great place to throw a seventies style party, as you will require a lot of space to make it happen. For individuals who plan to organize such events at their home, you will require to select a big room in your home or on the outdoor patio. Wherever the disco celebration is happening, you will require the space for all the required arrangements and for the people as well. Preparing a that kind of celebration might be exciting, especially when picking the decorations for the occasion. For the nightclubs that are making disco events, you may need to run an ad for the party. In that ad, you have to tell people to gear up with vintage clothes if they have them. All of those details will depend on the owner of the nightclub.

ABBA - The Golden Era of Disco

It is hard to place a single defining point to the origin of Disco, but the first disco style club was opened by New York city DJ David Mancuso in his house called The Loft in 1970. This was a private member-only dance club and proved to be forerunner to disco style clubs. The first disco songs were released in 1973; however there are claims that Manu Dibango's 1972 Soul Makossa was the first disco album being recorded. Disco was first written about in September of 1974 in the Rolling Stone Magazine by Vince Aletti and the first disco radio show was hosted on New York City's WPIX-FM in 1974.

The disco sounds have soaring, reverberating vocals over a steady beat and is known to be influenced by funk, soul music and Latin or Hispanic salsa influences. A lush background sound is lent by strings, electric guitars, horns and electric pianos made both singers and music producers equally famous and pivotal to the entire disco theme. Some of the most famous disco groups from the 70s are the Bee Gees, Diana Ross, The Jacksons and the ABBAs.

The history of one of the most famous groups began in 1966 when Bjorn Ulvaeus met Benny Andersson. Though they came from different music genres, they became great partners in composing songs. Bjorn was a member of the Hootenanny singers and their records were on the Polar Music record label owned by Stig Anderson. Stig went on to become ABBAs manager and contributed lyrics in the first few years as well. In the spring of 1969, Bjorn and Benny met the two women who became their fiancés and the other half of ABBA. Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad both had their own solo recording careers before they became a part of ABBA. Agnetha and Bjorn married in 1971 while Benny and Frida waited till 1978 to tie the knot.


Kwick was a Memphis based group who released three LPs in the early eighties. The group has a great sound with perfect claps and catchy synth hooks. Their first LP is the easiest to find and has a slightly more disco tinged sound. Their second album To The Point features the killer track "You're The Kind Of Girl I Like" in more of a boogie mode. I finally found a nice (se`led) copy of the record and took the opportunity to rip the two best jams during the squeaky clean first play.

Kwick - You're The Kind Of Girl I Like

Kwick - Nightlife

Caught Your Fever

I was speaking with some head recently and they brought up the locally sought after bay area 45 Disco Train by Brafa in conversation, which reminded me that there was an even harder to find Brafa 12" out there that someone (thank you whoever you were) a long time ago had ripped for me during my failed efforts to track down James 'Brafa' Bradford. Its called 'Caught Your Fever' and was put out on the same Lovebone Records label as the 45 single. It has a more straight ahead disco funk feel, but is equally indie and dusted. I hadn't seen this around anywhere else, so here it is:

Brafa - Caught Your Fever

Funky And Haunted

In a couple more years I'm going to have run out of Halloween themed funk records, why did they never release the soundtrack to Bride Of Blackenstein? I would have been good to 2014.

Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock
Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock (vocoder version)

Party Themes For 12 Year Olds

Turning 12 years old is something your child looks forward to. It is the period of being in-between. Your child is no longer a child but is also one year shy from becoming a teenager.

Your child will only turn twelve once in his life. Give him a party to celebrate this joyous occasion. It is important that at this age, you ask your child on the kind of party he or she wants. After all, being twelve, the child already had developed his or her own interests. He is old enough to be included in the decision making process of the upcoming party.

Most 12 year old girls would prefer pajama parties or slumber parties for their birthdays. Others will request for a pool party with their classmates and friends. However, there are those who would like to treasure their last day as a child and go for the child-like theme parties.

Disco Balls Overview

Ever wondered where disco balls came from and what it symbolize? Through this article you will get to learn some important details regarding this party accessory which will certainly make your party a hit!

Disco balls had been 1st utilized within the 1920's in nightspots. They symbolize the disco era with the 1970's and 1990's. This eye catching ball displays like in every track, making a distinctive exhibit of beam. The facades of these balls have many hundreds of facades, which have a number of geometrical figures. The disco ball for sale operates greatest if it's balanced on an axis, permitting it to spin. Tale has it that viewing the disco ball for sale was captivating, particularly for those below the influence of medicines.

This sensation produced this amazing ball very well-liked, not the outcome in the beam shimmering from it. This has by no means been verified. It is nevertheless utilized in several boogie nightspots right now. Most disco balls for sale had been reinstated by laser illumination inside the 1980's and with advance illumination methods in the 21st century. 90% of these balls created these days are completed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Organising A Disco Party - Tips And Tricks

Nineteen-seventy disco decorations are becoming well-known again. Disco decorations are a great way to liven up and nightclub or party scene. For those who lived in the nineteen-seventies, disco decorations are a wonderful way to get a nostalgic sense to any social gathering. Disco adornments will have a lot of vivid lights and fast music to go with them. A nightclub might make an amazing night from a disco celebration. Naturally, the nightclub may need a disco ball and other variety of disco items to put people into the mood. There are quite a few locations to buy or lease disco stuff and there is a broad variety of decorations to choose from.

A nightclub is the great place to throw a seventies style party, as you will require a lot of space to make it happen. For individuals who plan to organize such events at their home, you will require to select a big room in your home or on the outdoor patio. Wherever the disco celebration is happening, you will require the space for all the required arrangements and for the people as well. Preparing a that kind of celebration might be exciting, especially when picking the decorations for the occasion. For the nightclubs that are making disco events, you may need to run an ad for the party. In that ad, you have to tell people to gear up with vintage clothes if they have them. All of those details will depend on the owner of the nightclub.

Master Funk

Master Funk Records was an '80s UK dance label founded by electro producer Tony Williams (not to be confused with the American jazz drummer who worked with Miles Davis). This 12" was one of the label's later releases from 1984. Both sides are great, I might actually prefer the B-side which sounds starts off sounding like a Sade instrumental until the deep bass line comes in. For more on Tony Williams check out this interview by Greg Wilson on the excellent Electro Funk Roots website.

Scratch - Keep On Searching For Love
Scratch - Eastern Lady


Here is a surprisingly good track from Bobby Orlando that came out on Prelude Records in 1983. It is a good version of that italo sound that he had for a couple of years before going full on HiNRG. Bobby O has an interesting story and I think we have covered him here a couple of times before. Basically, he was an ultra religious homophobe and in the mid to late 80's, he made the gayest music ever and it was pretty-much only listened to by gay men.

One -Two-Three - Runaway

Secret Weapon

This came out of a dollar bin in Chicago last weekend. I had always heard the weirdly mixed vocal version of Secret Weapon's 'Must Be The Music' of their self titled and only (I think) album, but picked up a 12" with an instrumental mix on the flip when I saw it as the vocal is what always slightly turned me off the original. Result, they replaced the male sung passages with maybe the greatest guitar solo in funk history:

Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music (Instrumental)

Panic at the Disco Songs

Ryan Ross (vocals/guitar) and Spencer Smith (drums) attended the same High School in Las Vegas. With a friend Brent Wilson (bass, ex-member) they started jamming together in the evenings. The informal practice sessions soon morphed the group into a rock band, christened Summer League. After a few gigs, the friends reckoned their band's sound was a bit on the 'thin' side, so a search started for an extra guitar player. Brent met Brendon Urie, inviting him along to audition to play guitar. But when it was realised that Brendon's singing voice was the best of the group, he was persuaded to take over lead vocals. To celebrate their new line-up, a new name was called for. The foursome settled on Panic! at the Disco (the ! was later discarded).

Pete Wentz (see Fall Out Boy Songs) saw PATD performing, and suggested to the band that they approach the Fueled by Ramen label. Pete's instincts proved correct as the record company offered PATD a contract. The band's first album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out came out late in 2005. Their first single - I Write Sins Not Tragedies - was released from the album. The single's video included a mock circus wedding - the circus idea is a constant theme of the band's tours. To raise their image, the band embarked on a protracted US tour, as a support act. By the end of the tour their popularity had increased to such an extent that they became the headline act. A second single from the album, But It's Better If You Do was released early in spring 2006, rising to number 26 in the charts. This single is many people's favorite of all Panic At The Disco songs.

Disco Gives Birth To House Music

Disco music gets a bad rap. People decry the genre as a plastic, soulless, producer-driven music fad that deserves scorn for being empty and unfulfilling. Many music fans were happy to see disco die in 1980, but the truth is that disco never passed on. It spawned a new generation of dance music that branched out and evolved into the global phenomenon known as house music. So how exactly did disco give birth to house music? Here's the story.

So a gay guy and a black dude walk into a warehouse....just kidding! Well, actually that's not too far off. Here's the short version.

Circuit Breaker

Zig Zag appears to be another moniker for then Miami producer and KC & The Sunshine Band member Richard Finch, who producer a few small run electro releases with still active Colorado based r'n'b keyboardist Drusel White way back when. Drusel still plays the Colorado circuit and Rick Finch is fighting a legal rap in Ohio, where he and his wall of platinum records currently reside.

Zig Zag - Circuit Break (Vocal)

Zig Zag - Circuit Breaker (Instrumental)

Gloria Ann Taylor

I hope you don't mind if I change it up and post something a bit different (less electric) than most of the material here. I think this record should appeal to many of our readers as fans of soul and left field disco.

The release date of the elusive Deep Inside You EP on Selector Sound is unknown, but I think tracks were probably remixes of material recorded much earlier, updated for the disco era. "Love Is A Hurting Thing" was also released on a 7" with the instrumental on the flip (listed as "How Can You Say It"), though this shorter version lacks the disco back beat and loose dub mixing style heard on the 12". It was probably the best pull of my record digging career when I found this last weekend at what Black Shag would call a car boot, and I am glad to share it with you all.

Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing

French Boogie

Here are a few french white guy attempts at making boogie cuts circa '82-'85. Thanks to our friend Didier from Paris for the source material.

Flash System - La Fille De La FM
Micky Milan - Quand Tu Danses
Style - Playboy En Detresse
Elegance - Vacances J'oublie Tout
Francois Feldman - Wally Bouile Noire

Disco Design Concepts And Games

People really like to apply disco design concepts when making a party or a different event. A flash from the past is just what they need most of the time to liven up an event. There is no difference what kind of party you are organizing - for children or grown-ups, using some special disco design concepts can make it a one of a kind party for every person participating. Disco games at a party are a way of making it a lot more exciting for all the guests. They are fun and can engage people of all ages. One of the most popular things people use for disco design concepts is the disco ball. It has been preferred for years due to all the reflective light that it can beam, thus making the dance floor a lot more exciting for everybody.

Disco design concepts can consist of many elements including beaded curtains hung in a doorway. These beaded curtains remain in style today and are a preferred ornamental item in a kid's room, for example. If you have been of age in the seventies the beaded curtains and dark light may have been the way you decided to design your room. These styles have not really gone out of fashion and remain in style today. A disco design topic at an event is one way to provide a fun time for all of the guests. Disco party games such as dance games can actually help for a great entertainment. Once you think of disco, you may think of disco tunes and dances. A disco party should have a lot of this kind of songs to engage all the people.

Bring out all the disco songs and games to make every person recall that interval of time and to remember why it has been so exciting to dance to the tunes of these times. The disco concept includes every little thing you must have for a successful disco party. To make things a lot more exciting, offer out prizes to the very best dancer and for the very best seventies costume worn. This will motivate people to get a lot more creative and involved in the party. To make it even more exciting pass out prizes for the very best hair, very best footwear, very best dress and make up various fun things to excite the guests. All the disco elements that you put into the seventies party can make it seem like you have stepped backwards in time to have a great time.

Philly World Records

Someone managed to plunder the master tape's of Philadelphia's Philly World Record's Alpha Studios and help themselves to all the choice instrumentals of their uptempo boogie numbers. Much respect, and thank you. You needn't book me for a DJ gig ever again, just play these off your laptop, sway in a gentle yet off balance motion out of time with the music, don't dress well and frown a lot, the experience will be the same as a BlackShag DJ set if not better, as your laptop won't trainwreck and blame it on the way the last DJ balanced the needles..

Kim Covington - All Of My Love (Instrumental)
Hipnotic - Are You Lonely? (Instrumental)
Colorina - Calle Ocho (Meet Me On 8th Street) (Club Mix)
Gypsy Lane - Cold Fire (Instrumental)
Reall Juice - Complicated Situation (Dub)
Brutus - Excitation (Instrumental)
Company B. - Fascinated (Instrumental)
Suzann Riches - Hungry For Your Love (Instrumental)
Russell Dabney - In The Middle Of The Night (Instrumental)
Sir Scott Rock With The Jammal - Learn To Jamm-A-Lott (Instrumental)
Erotic Drum Band - Love Disco Style (Instrumental)
Venus Starr - Ms. Sassy, Frassy, Classy (Instrumental)
Deborah Washington - Nothing But Drums
Lustt - Pillow Talk (Instrumental)
New Experience - Prove It To Me (Instrumental)
Sophie St. Laurent - Sex Appeal (Instrumental)
Joe Freeman - Sneakin' (No Respect) (Instrumental)
The Chestnut Brothers - Sweet Little Rita (Instrumental)
FM Funk - Take Off Your Make-Up (Let Your Hair Down) (Instrumental)
Akasha - Thunder In Your Love (Instrumental)
Allan Harris - You Bring Out The Best In Me (Instrumental)

garage house

Here is a 1984 house classic in its 1985 special longer remix form. "You Don't Know" was produced by Paul Simpson and still sounds excellent today. As a bonus I'll throw in this garage flavored extended Shep Pettibone mix from Instant Funk.

If you are in the Sacramento area tonight I'll be playing records at The Press Club for a new weekly party, "FFFreak". Come hang out and dance to '80s music!

Serious Intention - You Don't Know (special remix)
Instant Funk - (Just Because) You'll Be Mine (Extended Club Mix)


I don't put up much italo, but this came up in a box of US r'n'b and disco recently and despite the rarity of any european pressed italo of note appearing in a dollar bin out in California (doesn't really happen that often), I thought the instrumental of Gazebo's 'Masterpiece' had a dark electro rhythm and a melancholy, wistful sort of feel to it that appeals to me, so I'll throw it on the BE.

Now, for all this instrumental's great qualities, the parts of the arrangement I like are spread sparsely amongst some sort of epic piano and atypical italo cheeseball bits, it comes with the territory. Its well worth listening through all 13 minutes, it gets deep and electro percussion heavy in the last couple but to many a modern DJ's tastes it could perhaps benefit from an edit, I don't have time for that, the producer wrote it this way for a reason and there are only so many hours in the day, so one of you should edit this up, stick it up on your soundcloud with your name all over it and be a hero.

Gazebo - Masterpiece (Instrumental)

Disco Balls - The All Time Favourite!

Starting your own night club is undoubtedly among the hardest things in the world to do. Not only is the night club business among the hardest businesses to break into but you additionally have to encounter all of the competition and the simple fact that there exist a lot of other upscale or even regular scale clubs on the market, all using excellent night club decor! So if you are looking to break into the night club business area, you undoubtedly need some snappy and cool looking decor and what could possibly be much more fun, cool, awesome looking and all around amazing compared to a disco ball?

Now, you may be thinking that disco balls have been out of fashion forever, but let's honest, that statement is absolutely not true! There are a lot of factors why you must pick a disco ball as a part of your night club decor. Among the major factors is simply because it can undoubtedly attract a crowd! There are basically not enough night clubs that have a disco ball in their interior and who doesn't enjoy a disco ball? Think about it, when the lights are straight down low and all of the little disco ball mirrors are lighting up the dance floor and the space around it? Oh, people can fall in love with your night club and you can basically be the hottest thing!

The Amazing Disco Light Effects

If you are looking for a way to spice up your nightclub or even your own house, disco light effects are the way to go. They are meant to light up your walls, ceilings and floors or any other part of your house or nightclub. Disco lighting and disco light effects are the great way to turn your house into a swinging nightclub or to change your nightclub into the hit of the town. However, those effects are a bit more modernized compared to what they were in the nineteen seventies. LED technology is the new wave of disco and it does the job wonderfully. LED lights are long-lasting and can offer off the true look of disco light effects once installed properly.

LED panels paired with DMX managed lighting is the way to bring disco light effects to your house or club. LED equalizer panels may be bought for walls, ceilings and floors. These panels are the cutting edge of lighting effect technological innovation. These LED panels can conserve on energy and provide you with state of the art lighting all in one. LED dance floors can make an entire nightclub or house need to dance into the earlier hours of the morning. Not only are these LED panels long-lasting and state-of-the-art, but they are also very affordable. If you try your LED panels with DMX lighting controls, it is easy to make a room come to life with disco light effects.

We wanna play for all you fooz

Here is a tight disco boogie jam especially for you. Have a great Labor Day weekend if you are one of the few that is employed; otherwise, enjoy vacation and the free tune.

Brief Encounter - We Want To Play

Last Funk

Bevin Fagan was most well known as the lead singer and producer of one of the UK's biggest reggae acts, Matumbi. Yet in his time he was involved with and influenced by all sorts of music that was going on in South London during the seventies and early eighties, even being part of a prog rock band named 'Stonehenge' even at one point in his youth.

Guardian Angel was a roots reggae project with his wife (or maybe sister) Sylvia Fagan on vocals. They put out a few lovers rock type singles, but if you flip the accompanying album over, the B side is mostly (and oddly) unique sounding funk and disco tracks, of which 'Last Funk' is the most left of center and hard hitting of all.

Through some miracle over the years I have managed to come across two copies of this LP from British reggae collectors who don't rate it as Fagan's best work and are turned off by the funk on the flip. One man's trash as they say. If you want my double hit me up.

Guardian Angel - Last Funk

Disco Fever Dance Party

Do you have Disco Dance Fever? If so, you need to celebrate! A Disco theme party can be a great way to celebrate a birthday of any age, honor a retiree or just plain have fun. Costumes and decorations will make this party even more fun and realistic.

Pick a theme for your dance party, whether it be disco, break dancing, rap or country and find coordinating decorations. A party supply store will have every theme for dancing the night away and all the trimmings to make your party a smashing success.

If Disco is your chosen theme, buy, rent or make a disco ball to hang in your party room. Whether it functions or not doesn't really matter, it adds to the ambience of the set. Find old posters of bands and singers from the disco era and hang around the house or room.

do you feel like a party

Lee Moore was a disco producer who unfortunately only released a few tunes during his short career. His first and most common track came out on Source Records in 1979. It appears that after his brief relationship with a large label he took matters into his own hands and cut a track on his own LM imprint. This track has a raw feel that is apparent when the guitar comes in too early after a few bars of the loose drum and bass groove. The white noise synth sound used to accent the snare also gives the beat a lot of character.

Disco Birthday Party Ideas

When you are looking for ideas to plan the next birthday party for your favorite child make sure to investigate the many wonderful ideas available by making it a disco party. Children love these energetic events as the dance music makes an invigorating atmosphere and allows them to burn off excess energy in a positive manner.

Adding karaoke to your disco birthday party will enliven it even more. Every child wants to be a star. With the ease at which karaoke helps them get the words to their favorite song right, there is seldom any embarrassing moments to ruin the fun. It allows every participant to get the feel of being a real music pop star and helps reinforce positive social skills.

If you want to set up a specific theme idea for the disco birthday party, costumes can add to the fun. You can pick a specific retro decade for your theme and it shouldn't be too hard to find outfits to fit the mood. Adding karaoke to the mix will involve only a bit of work to find just the right songs to fit the event.

will you be the one

Here is a later era downtempo lazer soul track released by the short lived New York Music Company in 1985. Vocalist Bernice Frazier delivers an outstanding performance here with her first recording. This tune was produced by Mitch Ervin AKA Mitch Race who also had tracks on the legendary 25 West Records. I love the minimal production with 808 drums, Juno 106 bass, and DX-7. Mitch discusses the details of his productions on his youtube page, check it out and drop him a comment if you appreciate his work.

Jump Up With Beats At Your Disco Party

When was the last time you attended a Disco Party. If you want to jump up with the beat, call out for a Disco Party of your own. It can be a very interesting event that you can provide for your family and friends. It would require you to think on different things that you can offer to make this party a huge success. A lot of people make a mistake of not doing their homework well and not looking at the different options that could have been much better than others, so from this we can learn that just believe in your ingenuity.

Disco party invitations decorated with bell bottom pants and musical notes convey the dance theme of the 70's era. Your guests will come dressed and ready to disco dance the night away. As a general consensus, you must always call the people who you know and do not call the people who you don't. This is being said because the guests at the Disco Party are going to get drunk and the situation at times just seem to get out of control with the ones who you don't know.

Blast From the Past Disco Party

A disco party is a totally awesome way to get down and get funky. Put on your threads; your disco dresses, platform shoes, and leisure suits. Decorate with bean bags and lava lamps. Hang beaded curtains and psychedelic disco posters. Light the incense and candles. Have a disco dance video playing on your television, and add a glittery disco ball for added sparkle disco party style!

Once you have decided how many chicks and dudes you want to invite to your disco party, create your own disco mirrored ball invitations on the computer using your color printer. Include pictures of the disco clothing styles' people wore in the 70's; for those that never wore them, and to remind those that did. Award prizes for the best dressed authentic totally radical outfit.

Your guests will love to boogie down under a disco ball to 70's artists like; Donna Summer, KC and the Sunshine Band, Kool and the Gang, and the Police, so, crank up the jams and get down. Show a video of several disco dances like the YMCA, the Disco Train and the Bump. Have a disco dance contest for the best performance of the Hustle.

Seventies Party Games a Disco Era

Every party that is based around a specific era is considered to be really interesting, because every participant has to represent the era through their costumes, their styles, shoes etc. Seventies era was known to be the era of change with rock n' roll, famous TV shows etc. So you can ask your guests to wear the costumes of seventies, which definitely will give your party an outlook of seventies. It is also important that you decorate your party on the theme of seventies so that for a moment everyone would feel that they have flown back in the seventies era. You can spice up the party with the Seventies Party Games.

What You Did In Seventies

In this Seventies Party Game, the guests are asked to share the different things that they had been doing in that decade. Every participant must be sharing the different events that they can remember and one by one they will share their part. This game will become really interesting with different people coming up with the exciting experiences in their life. It would be just like a story telling event by the fire and it will definitely absorb all the guests who will be definitely waiting for the next guest to share their part of the story.

Why Kids Love Disco Karaoke Parties

Ice cream and cake and a game of "pin the tail on the donkey" are just not very exciting to most modern children. When they party, they want to jump, shout and sing. Everyone wants to exhibit their own unique and vibrant social skill development and few places are more suited to making every child a star than disco karaoke!

At a disco karaoke party everyone who wants to can sing their favorite songs and be center stage. That is one of the big reasons kids love disco karaoke parties. The music is vibrant and dedicated to an enticing dance beat.

A good karaoke event planning business will teach the children how to perform. Being aimed at younger children, they do not read off of a screen. Rather the focus is not on getting the words just right, but letting loose and having fun!

The best disco karaoke establishments will provide a professional to help the shy kids along during the difficult spots so that everybody can shine when it is their turn on stage.

DJ Lights - Top Tips and Advice For Choosing DJ Lighting Equipment and Party Disco Lights

DJ Lighting Equipment is a very important aspect of any disco equipment setup and one which should not be overlooked or underestimated. However, once you have a good idea of the available options you will find that it is relatively easy to equip yourself with some great lighting solutions at affordable prices.

There are many types of DJ lights available and they differ greatly in price point so it is a good idea to plan out your requirement and understand that if you only ever do small or sometimes medium sized venues then you will NOT need a massive amount of lights or a big lighting rig as these may only get used a few times a year. In fact it may be more realistic and beneficial to buy a few good effect lights, a couple of moving head scanners, a laser and a smoke machine and on the rare occasion that you may require more lighting then you can always hire a few more lights from your local DJ warehouse.

If you are a newbie to disco lighting then you should gain a little more knowledge through reading the next part of this article which gives you the options for choosing DJ lights and lighting packages.

1) Moonflower Lights (Gobo) - This light produce patterns through the lens and can be very effective.

Disco Down to a Good Time With This Disco Party

Disco, that era that many prefer to forget is back and it's time to party again. It is said that all that is old will be new again. Fashions fade and reappear cyclically and so too, it seems, does pop culture. Disco parties are a great way to get friends and family together and have fun dancing and singing the night away. However all that hustling and electric sliding can work up an appetite bigger than John Travolta's hairdo. When that happens, this disco themed menu is sure to satisfy.

Begin the disco party with a classy cocktail bar. Have a variety of martinis ready to be shaken or stirred. Also have a special martini just for this party. There are several recipes available on the internet and you can rename them to fit the party's seventies theme. Perhaps add some hot cinnamon schnapps to create Saturday Night Fever or add Goldschlager, with its real gold flakes to create the sparkly Studio 54.

The appetizer of cheese fondue with crusty bread and apples is a great item for a disco party, as guests can grab and dance at the same time. Making cheddar cheese and beer fondue is simple using this recipe. Gather these ingredients:

R.I.P. Loleatta Holloway (1946-2011)

As some of you will know, it has been over a year since my last blog post here. I've had various ideas come to mind, but nothing seemed quite compelling enough. However, today that's changed. Last night, the news came down from her manager that Loleatta Holloway, one of the greatest vocalists to emerge from disco had passed away yesterday (March 21) at the age of 64..

An incredibly sad moment, speaking not only personally but for the disco and dance community at large. In my own life, while I've never had the opportunity to see her perform live, Loleatta was an inextricable part of my own personal soundtrack, having been one of the first voices to capture my heart back at a time when I was just starting to seriously explore the world of disco. Hearing Walter Gibbons' 12" Mix of "Hit & Run," on my old Salsoul Classics CD, Gibbons' handiwork and Loleatta's vocals put together, turned what was an already good, albeit innocuous Norman Harris piece of Philly disco with lyrics about "an old fashioned country girl," into an explosive masterpiece of soul, rhythm and release.. Her wailing vamps, sighs and extended ad-libbed vocal runs over the song's rhythm track turned "Hit & Run," from merely a good tune into something that I could only describe as head music, disco-style. Those 9 + minutes of Loleatta stand, among other things, as a testament to the underrated artistry of a true, gifted vocalist. Anyone who thought of disco as a sterile, soulless medium had obviously never heard a Loleatta Holloway song.

Listen: Loleatta Holloway - Hit & Run (Walter Gibbons 12" Mix) (1977, Gold Mind/Salsoul)

Loleatta Holloway - Hit & Run
Uploaded by ShelfSide69

In recent days, there had been some rumblinfs about her ill health. Starting on Sunday, there were vague, cryptic posts about "keeping Loleatta in your prayers" scattered across message boards and Facebook circles. Many of the posts seemed to have originated from an on-air announcement from the Chicago radio station V103, where a relative had made contact, asking programmers to play some of her music. Later that night, after posting what I had heard on Twitter, I soon heard from her manager, Ron Richardson (@RonAtHushtown), who tweeted back, asking me to contact him to get the full, correct information.

I had been told that Loleatta had reportedly suffered a heart attack not long ago and had been placed in a medically induced coma, as a result. While her condition seemed to be improving just before her passing (she was reportedly off life support and breathing on her own), sadly, it wasn't enough to pull her through.

While disco has often and correctly been cited as a producers' medium, the identity of the singer (as the traditional artist) often submerged in the production; the opposite argument could easily be made for Loleatta. For one thing, there was absolutely nothing anonymous about Loleatta's voice and in her case, there was probably nothing that captured the full glory of her vocals quite like her disco tracks. Initially at a loss to fill all of the extra time she had on these new disco tracks she had to record; her greatest disco moments turned out less like mere songs and more like musical canvases; a medium which gave her the latitude to display the full expanse of her fiery, spirited vocal power like never before (or since).

On a more sobering note however, I had read somewhere that when asked about the subject of royalties, Ms. Loleatta could give an earful whenever the subject was broached. I had later posed the subject to Dayna Newman, when she was soliciting questions for an interview she had lined up with her for discomusic.com, just to see what sort of response she'd give. It was dismaying, though not entirely surprising to read her answer. And while I understand she probably did fairly well for herself overall, she bluntly said that as far as royalties were concerned, she had never seen any; that artists like her had to rely mostly on gigs in order to capitalize on the success of their records. And that, apparently, was the censored explanation.

In that way, being the most sampled voice in dance music, a seminal bridge between the worlds of disco and house, was likely a mixed blessing of sorts. While it cemented her legendary status and relevance well beyond the realms of disco and R&B, it was also a situation that at times (see the infamous Black Box controversy) seemed to highlight the shady ends of the music business and the often unfair way artists of her time (and of her race, it should be said) were often exploited.

Ellis D - My Loleatta
Uploaded by RJJNY

Yet, while she never became a household name like some of her contemporaries in the disco world, she remains undoubtedly one of the most beloved, iconic vocalists to have emerged from disco. The rapid, immense outpouring of love and respect on Twitter, in the twelve hours following the announcement of her passing spoke to the incredible appreciation audiences felt for her (Loleatta Holloway was trending worldwide for much of that time) and her contributions. In the greatest way, she encapsulated the key qualities of the quintessential diva; that combination of strength and vulnerability; of sadness, joy and intensity of feeling that came through in her persona (as immortalized in Junior Vasquez' AKA Ellis D's My Loleatta bootleg), the same qualities she had amplified though her voice in the greatest gospel tradition. It is perhaps for that reason why myself and so many others took her to their hearts. So for those of you who have shared (and for those who have yet to) in the joy, passion and pain of Loleatta; you, as the lady herself once said, are the lucky ones.

Rest easy, Loleatta.

Update: Loleatta's manager, Ron Richardson, recently tweeted information about her homegoing service in Chicago, to be held March 31st.