Get Your Walls Spinning With a Disco Mirror Ball

More than just your walls will spin if you set up a disco mirror ball at your next gig.

A disco mirror ball is nothing more than a finely constructed ball of hundreds or even thousands of facets, most being of the same size, with each sporting a mirror finish.

It is normally located above the heads of the party goers present. It is in turn suspended from a device that causes it to turn steadily on a vertical axis and lit up by spotlights.

People present experience broken beams of colored light, coming from the spotlights, which are reflected off of it spinning around the room, causing an exciting visual effect.

Although many people today think of the disco mirror ball as a recent introduction to entertainment, it was in fact first used in 1919 by American jazz musicians to brighten up the atmosphere at their jazz concerts.

The size of this varies according to the reason behind its intended use. For instance a miniature ball can be used successfully as a novelty and used for decorative purposes. You have probably witnessed them on Christmas trees.

The introduction of networks has seen the disco mirror ball used as a means of dispersing infrared signals. One of the largest was used by entertainer Pink Floyd. It measured 4.9 meters in diameter before it was raised to a height of 21.3 meters where it was opened to a width of 7.3 meters.

Madonna used a mirror disco ball that weighed in at 2 ton and decorated with $2 million worth of crystals for her 2006 Confession Tour.

The disco mirror ball that you may be contemplating is unlikely to be of either size that the two entertainers above used but we can help you with your requirement.

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